Ceiling fans can be beautiful and functional

I like ceiling fans. They’re functional and convenient, help save money on utility bills, and give me a chance to get a good night’s sleep by keeping the bedroom a comfortable temperature. Some people might consider them a decorating no-no, but I like ceiling fans.

Have you looked at some of the latest offerings from the manufacturers- companies like Hunter, Fanimation, Minka Aire, and Casablanca Fans, among others? If your idea of a ceiling fan dates from the ‘70s, you’re in for a surprise. True, some of the styles look familiar, but check out the other great looks, from futuristic to modern to New Orleans romantic. Fan blades carved in wood, or made from sturdy canvas like sails, or looking like palm fronds or trimmed in bamboo- styles to suit a child's room with ceiling hugging blades and styles to hang suspended from a rod in a room with cathedral ceilings. It's wonderful to see all the changes to the old basic ceiling fan- which is still available, by the way.

You can find fans with light kits, some with remote control, and others rated for outdoor use. Just don't scrimp unduly on your purchase. True, some fans are quite inexpensive (read "cheap") and these can be suitable for very light usage or when you just want a certain look. But if you plan to use your ceiling fan like I do, constantly, you should shop carefully and look for a top grade motor and blades pitched from 12-16 degrees. Blades at flatter pitches move less air, which is not the idea here.

So go take a look at the new ceiling fans. You may find you sleep better, too.