Seasonal decorating doesn't have to be expensive.


Do you like to consider the look and feel of the season outside with interior seasonal decorating? Warm, cozy and snuggly for winter- something more stripped, spare and easy to clean, with a cooler feel for summer? Me, too. Seasonal decorating can involve small adjustments to a room's decor, and also keeps the boring blahs from settling in.

Holiday decorations are fun as well, and not only Christmas decorations. Almost any holiday can be the inspiration for a little decorating re-do, if you think about it. And not just the major holidays like Thanksgiving or Cinco de Mayo- you could celebrate Groundhog's Day or Flag Day or National Pickle Week, if you like pickles.

Winter, spring, summer, fall- you can tweak your room just a bit or a lot for each. Winter calls for things like heavier draperies on the windows, substantial fabrics that give the impression of blocking an arctic wind. This is especially true now that the cost of heating our homes is increasing so drastically. Flannel sheets, warm rugs and extra throws at the foot of the bed are practical winter touches.

By the time spring makes an appearance we're ready to emerge from our winter den. Lighter weight curtains let the sun in and a change of accessories (throw pillows in spring colors, fresh flowers, new or re-arranged wall art) set the springtime tone. You can go the traditional route for spring seasonal decorating with pastel colors and floral prints, but you don't have to. You can get a hint of the spring feel with small accents here and there, just a few touches can make a difference.

For many of us, summer means vacation holidays, no shoes, lots of ice cream, and a longing for lazy days. Put away all the knick-knacks and anything that takes extra work to maintain. Aim for a room that requires minimal up-keep so you can maximize your free time- seasonal decorating at it's best! A beach look is a natural summer seasonal decorating theme.

Autumn completes the cycle. A light-weight throw feels good on a suddenly chilly night. A bit more texture in the bedding and a return of some of your decorating treasures banished way back at the beginning of summer. And now the lamps are in use more and more, so don't forget to dust the light bulbs.

Of course, you can opt to completely redesign your room each season, with new bedding, draperies or other window treatments, rugs, and maybe even new lamps to complete each seasonal decorating look. If you've got the funds, storage space for out-of-season items, and don't mind the extra work, go for it. Otherwise, a few touches four times a year isn't a bad investment of money or time.

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