Lighting should be functional and beautiful.


Good lighting not only keeps you from tripping over shoes on the floor, it also sets a mood. What is the mood created in your room? Do you have one of those awful center ceiling fixtures that glares and jars the senses and creates a mood that can be described as "instant tension"? Or maybe your room has more of a cave-like ambiance, making flashlights a necessity to find matching socks in a drawer.

Aim for a room with a good over-all well-lit look, not harsh or glaring, plus something extra for specific tasks, such as reading. You can select from hanging- or ceiling- or wall fixtures, and lamps for tables or floors. Check out Bellacor for access to 500,000 items. They have a great product search option to help you find just the right choice for your room.

I also like the selection at Lamps Plus. They claim they have "More Lamps Than Anyone, Anywhere!", which you can judge for yourself. Look for the "Mix N Match" section if you want to try your hand at your own unique design.

Novelty lamps are fun if you have the space, just don't rely on a novelty for much more than background illumination. Many stores now offer fun and whimsical lighting just for kids! You can choose from a wonderful array of unusual novelty items, but if you have a yen for something really different, don't miss the neon choices available at Stacks and Stacks.

Lampshades are a very important part of any lighting plan. Check out this page for some good ideas.

Give some thought to lighting and you will create a bedroom that is functional as well as beautiful.