Decorating Themes for
Special Rooms.

All rooms need some sort of decorating theme. Sometimes that's easier said than done, though, isn't it? What should we choose for our theme and how do we go about implementing it, that's the trick. I've linked some pages with specific themes for a nursery, child's room in general, girl's room and boy's room, teen's room, and adult rooms. I plan to add to these theme-specific pages, and you are most welcome to contribute your ideas, too. Just email your thoughts or questions and let's see what we can come up with.

What does it mean - "decorating theme"? Sounds like a big, involved, serious concept, doesn't it, like you get one shot at coming up with something perfect or the room is doomed to failure. Ridiculous! A decorating theme is just a jumping off point, a unifying factor for the room, and just about anything can form the basis for a theme.


You could develop a room around a child's favorite storybook or a teen's interest in travel. You could re-create a special vacation spot, either one you've been to or one you want to visit. A room full of luxurious textures or a room sleek and spare. A feeling or a mood, a place, a person, a treasured item, a memory or a goal - anything can spark your theme as long as it means something special to you or to the person who will live in the room.

Once you've selected a theme, it's a matter of supporting the idea in color and fabric choices and accessories. If you can afford to replace furniture, you have another opportunity to underscore your theme. As long as you make an effort to co-ordinate the room around a central idea that means something special to you, you should be able to create your own beautiful, theme room.

Here are some detailed room themes and other information that may inspire you:

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