Decorate bedrooms without spending a fortune. Here's how.


Has the time come to decorate a bedroom? Could be you're faced with a bedroom that absolutely screams, "Decorate me!" Maybe it's your own room you can't stand another night. Or maybe you need to convert the spare room into a nursery. Congratulations, by the way, if this is the case. Maybe the nursery has been outgrown and your pre-schooler has definite ideas about bedroom decor. Or you have a teen who is totally humiliated by an un-cool room. Whatever- you have a mission- to decorate bedrooms on a skimpy budget. Do you give up your plan for a beautiful bedroom? Do you have to go into debt to achieve your dream room? No way!

Beautiful doesn't have to mean expensive

You're smart. You went looking for options and you landed here. Welcome! Here you can learn tips, techniques and ideas on how to decorate bedrooms and make them special without breaking your budget.


Are you looking for something a bit different for the walls?


Are the windows a problem? I have some ideas for window treatments that range from no-sew to luxurious.


Would you like to learn how to create a one-of-a-kind floor cloth? This page on flooring also has other, less craft-intensive ideas to make the floors part of the decor.

And Everything Else

Let's not forget these:

  • Proper lighting is vital, especially if you want your socks to match in the morning.

  • Multi-function furniture is a great way to gain space in small rooms.

  • Then again, if you're like most of us, you probably have storage issues. (Where does all that stuff come from anyway?)

  • And for the finishing touch, interesting accessories.

Budget decorating is not about second-rate style or shoddy results. Budget decorating can be well-planned, with well-made furnishings, and a finished room you'll be proud to show off. Decorate bedrooms in your home to reflect your style, taste and interests. Don't let your budget make all your decorating decisions. Ready to begin? Then let's go.

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