Contemporary bedroom decor is easy to achieve.

Your contemporary bedroom decor can be simple and clean, light and bright, or stark and dramatic. The choice is yours, and here's some help:

How To Decorate A Contemporary Style Bedroom
by Lee Dobbins

For some, the sleek clean lines associated with the contemporary style are perfect for the bedroom but many homeowners are at a loss as to how to achieve this style of decor.

No matter how bad your decorating skills are, you can decorate your bedroom with a contemporary flair by making a few alterations such as painting and coordinating your bedding and pillows to enhance your room with a modern design.

In order to have a sleek contemporary look, you don't necessarily need coordinating bed, bureaus, and tables but the bedroom should have lots of furniture with simple, clean lines. Try to find furnishing with chrome or metal details. A dark stain or light stain wood will work as will black lacquer style furniture.

A contemporary theme is light on accessories, but the few pieces you do have are key to the success of the design. Be sure to include a few simple pieces that are simple in line and form. A simple square vase with 1 flower or a metal sculpture, perhaps. Additional items such as vintage art déco accessories can really add interest to the room.

Lighting is key in most rooms and the bedroom is no exception. To go with your contemporary design style, you should consider light fixtures in terms of style as well as type. The majority of bedrooms can benefit from a chandelier in conjunction with lamps. While you are incorporating a contemporary look, think about a chrome ceiling fixture with recessed lighting and stay away from anything which is scrolly or fancy.

A key element when decorating your bedroom with a contemporary style is what you put on the walls. For this style the colors are important - you should think about adding browns and black and white in the room. Try using a neutral color paint on the walls, or try leather wall covering. You don't have to get too fancy or spend a lot of money and if you want plain colored walls, simply paint the walls a neutral color and let the accents in the room do the decorating.

One vital area that is many times ignored when redecorating your room is the wall space. Even the plainest walls can be made to look good with great wall decor. Try applying simple, plain artwork, black and white photos in simple frames, tribal masks or abstract art to your bedroom walls to really bring out the modern feel of your contemporary look.

Getting a perfect contemporary look in your bedroom can be as basic as changing out a few accessories or as involved as doing a total room remake. Either way, paying attention to detail and being sure to match your decorative accessories and furniture will help you coordinate a great new contemporary look that youll have fun showing off to your friends!

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