Try daybeds when standard beds won't fit.


Daybeds are the solution to the problem of the overgrown closets that some builders/manufacturers call bedrooms. Do you suppose they have ever tried wedging a bed, a chest or dresser, and some kind of nightstand into one of those mini-rooms?

Thank goodness for daybeds! When space is at a minimum or a traditional bed frame with box spring and mattress won't do, a daybed can be the perfect solution.

When you think of daybeds, do you think of Victorian-style brass on three sides with a frilly sham and dust ruffle? Those are still around, and quite popular, too. But daybeds are now available in more styles, colors, and designs than ever before. Within the last ten years manufacturers have caught on to our need for multi-functional, non-bedroomy furnishings - daybeds to the rescue.

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You can find daybeds of wood, wicker, iron or other metal; in contemporary, modern, traditional, mission, Victorian, and sleigh bed styles; in finishes from pale wood to dark enamel.

A daybed, especially one of the new versions, fits perfectly in a home office that doubles as a guest room. Backed with bolsters or piles of pillows, a daybed can double as a sofa.

Typically, a daybed consists of a three-sided decorative frame with a link-spring platform. On top of the springs sits a standard-size twin mattress. Daybeds generally do not use a box spring. Some styles have collapsible trundles that slide underneath out of sight to be pulled out when needed, like for sleep-overs.

Standard twin sheets fit most daybeds, though always pay attention to your mattress depth when purchasing sheets or comforters. Also, look for bedskirts and comforters designed especially for daybeds. And because daybeds have a link-spring platform with few or no slats and no box spring, mattress quality is critical.

How about price, you ask? Extraordinarily reasonable, actually, and you can even get free shipping on some items from certain suppliers. You may not be able to make your small room bigger but you can make it feel larger and more functional by replacing that traditional bed with a daybed. Take a look at some ideas from