You can have luxurious windows on a budget.

You've got a great luxurious theme going, just what you dreamed of- except for one thing, the windows. The windows aren't done, but your budget nearly is. And the room looks completely wrong without special, luxurious windows. Is it possible to finish the windows to complement the room and keep to the budget? Do you even need to ask?

Let's start by shopping. Don't you love that kind of instruction? We're looking for window treatments that shout, yell, or whisper "luxury" but not to buy, just for ideas. In general, a sumptuous window has layers of fabrics, textures and trims, all cut generously. No skimping here. We'll take that idea of generous layers and translate it for our purposes. If you can’t afford silk taffeta, substitute polyester that looks like taffeta.

Don't be afraid to use color on your windows if it suits your scheme, even to mixing two colors. Imagine a golden shade with deep eggplant velvety panels- a luxurious, elegant and colorful punch of style.

If bright colors aren't the look you want, try mixing subtle colors in wonderful textures. How about combining a poly faux slubbed silk in bronze (slubs are those little bumps in the fabric) with a sheer creamy chiffon? Instant elegance.

Small or unattractive windows got you stumped? You can make small windows appear larger and more dramatic by using light-colored panels that start well above and beyond the sides of the window and puddle onto the floor. Trimmed with a thick fringe or held open with elaborate tiebacks or hanging from a fancy rod, your small window can make a big design impact.

If your budget is seriously strained and the look you want is a little out of reach, start with functional blinds or shades and build from there. Add side panels (sheets are a good choice for this) and as much trim as you can afford. Some fabric stores offer discounted trim, or you can check out second-hand stores and flea markets. As your budget allows, change the side panels for more luxurious fabrics, and add decorative valances or fancy rods and finials.

Gilt(think gold-plated) on a budget? Sure. Buy some gold paint at a craft store and create your own special faux gilt details- on the curtain finials, the tiebacks, or even stamped in designs on the blind or side panels.

Your budget won't completely control your decorating options if you apply a little inspiration to the process. Old prom dresses (thrift stores again) can provide fancy fabric and trim. Costume jewelry can make sparkly and unusual tiebacks. It might take a bit more work, but you can create luxurious windows and stay within your budget.

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