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Why a page about Site Build It! in a website devoted to decorating on a budget? Well, this website wouldn't exist without Site Build It! I wanted to do something on the internet, something that entertained my passion- at least the passion for decorating. I like the idea of being an "infopreneur" but I had no clue as to how to get from the idea to the reality. I had no background in website building and I knew nothing about e-commerce or internet marketing. I spent a lot of time- and no little amount of money- on various e-books, merchant plans, and "vital" software programs that promised big results, but never quite fulfilled the promise. I thought that maybe I was overreaching, maybe my dream was destined to remain a dream. Then I ran across Site Build It! and I realized that the problem was not entirely with me. I had been choosing the wrong tools to help me create my site.

With Site Build It!, no technical experience is required and you need no advanced courses in coding. From formulating the initial concept- this is the part about following my passion- through all the page-building, to guidance in creating search engine-friendly content, Site Build It! took me by the hand (figuratively, of course) and led me through the process of planning and building my website, Decorate Bedrooms For Less. My site is still a work-in-progress, and will be for some time, since one of the most highly stressed tenets of Site Build It! is that a site should be rich in content and should provide as much information as possible. Whenever I reach a new stage in the creation of my site, I turn to Site Build It! for help, and Ken Evoy, creator of Site Build It!, has never failed to provide the solutions I need.

One of the most informative and helpful aspects of Site Build It! is the Site Build It! forum. Here many people just like me, newbies to the web game, ask questions about situations they encounter in the creation of their various sites. They ask all kinds of questions, and the wonderful people who monitor and administer the forum supply answers and advice. Simply reading the forum postings is a great education.

So what does all this mean to you?

What's your passion? Do you have a hobby, some specialized knowledge of or even an interest in a particular subject? It might surprise you to know how many people share your passion and are eager to learn what you have to say. Would you like to share your interest with others, and maybe make some money in the process?

Or are you looking for a way to expand your brick-and-mortar business to include e-commerce? How about a total e-commerce e-business? Ken and his team have amassed an incredible wealth of information and tools to assist at every level of web-dream building.

Well, that’s a bit of background on how Decorate Bedrooms For Less came to be. For more detail, and for answers to those questions you probably have right now, check out the good folks at Solo Build It! Tell them I said “hi.”