Bamboo bed sheets? Are you crazy?

Really! Bamboo bed sheets! Years ago some inventive types figured out how to make fiber from bamboo. Bamboo, you know, is a grass, and bamboo fabric is spun from the pulp of the bamboo grass. Unspun bamboo fiber is a light, airy puffball that resembles cotton, and it can be spun and dyed and woven into cloth.

Bamboo fabric is very soft, which makes it ideal for bed sheets. It’s light weight and strong, and it has excellent wicking abilities that pull moisture away from the skin. Bamboo also has many antibacterial qualities, which bamboo fabric is apparently able to retain, even through multiple washings. This helps to reduce bacteria that thrive on clothing and cause unpleasant odors. It can also kill odor causing bacteria that live on human skin, making the wearer and his or her clothing smell more sweet. In addition, bamboo fabric has insulating properties and will keep the wearer cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Again, ideal for bed sheets.

Although bamboo fabric can take bright dye colors, you can find organic bamboo fabric that is undyed and unbleached. If allergic reactions are a concern of yours, you’ll also be pleased to know that most bamboo is grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides. Some manufacturers use 100 percent bamboo, but others blend it with cotton, organic or not, so be aware when shopping for bamboo fabric.

So where can you find bamboo sheets? Check at Bed Bath & Beyond, Linens & Things, and the catalog company, Lands' End, for items priced from everyday reasonable to high-end luxury.

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