Create a Bedroom That's Shabby, Chic and Romantic.

by: Tina Bauer

1. Bedding – Choose vintage inspired florals, stripes, and patterns in pastels. Mix and match them. Throw in some beautiful vintage or reproduction chenille’s for added texture.

2. Lighting – Hang a beautiful chandelier over the center of the bed. Whether old or new, the chandelier of choice should be dripping with prisms and glass beading. When choosing a chandelier you should keep in mind that it will be a focal point. Choose ornate or glass lamp bases with floral lampshades

3. Paint – White of course lends itself to creating a very clean look. If you intend to use a lot of white art frames or mirrors, you may want to choose a slightly contrasting color for the walls such as a white sage or a soft pink. To create pop, paint the ceiling, doors, and trim white.

4. Wall Decor – Beautiful romantic floral paintings with ornate frames are perfect. Large ceiling tin framed mirrors hanging on the wall. For a more dramatic look, purchase a large mirror and lean it up against a wall creating a full length mirror.

5. Furniture – Mixing the old with the new is one of the nicest features of a Shabby Chic bedroom. If you are having trouble fitting in an old piece that you love because it is too dark, paint it white. Don’t forget to distress the edges to give it a natural worn look.

About The Author

Written by Tina Bauer – Owner of Not Too Shabby

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