Decorating a kid's room? Make it easy by choosing a fun theme.

What makes a great kid's room? Kids often have very definite ideas about how they want to decorate their bedrooms. All you have to do is ask- the answer might surprise you. Or maybe not. Either way, you'll get some ideas for a fun kid's room decor theme that will suit the child who, after all, will live in the room.

Decorating Kid’s Rooms
On A Small Budget

By Chad Young

Decorating your child’s room can be a challenge or do I dare say a downright headache if you have teens. Most people can’t afford to buy new furniture every time their children want a new look, in this article we will show you some creative and inexpensive ways to accessorize and keep your children happy at the same time.

Now if your children are like mine they want to change the style and look of their room about every other week. One way to make them happier for a longer period of time with their room decor is to get involved with the activities that are required when redecorating their room. Too many parents do the work for them and the children have no sense of what it takes to decorate and change a room’s decor, so can you blame them when they ask the very next week to re-do their rooms? They think it’s easy! Most kids love to get involved not to mention it will give you some quality time with your child.

First and foremost is the obvious, paint is the foundation for decorating. Have them help you pick out the paint and give them a brush. Choose colors that are appealing to both you and your child, see if you can come to a mutual agreement on a color. Paint is inexpensive and this alone will give your child’s room a new look with of course a little work. My daughter wanted to splatter multi color paint on her wall because she saw it on a T.V. show, I wasn’t willing to do this. I knew she only wanted to splatter the paint because she thought it would be fun to do, eventually we were able to come to a creative compromise. We decided to take some art paper and splatter them with multi colors and frame them for the walls. Both of us were happy, she was able to splatter paint (outside) and I was able to take the artwork down when I wanted without having to re paint the room all over again…Whew!

Most kids love music and their friends, buy them a cd case to put their cd’s in and use their cd covers as picture frames. Take the paper part out of the front and cut in the center a square (or any shape for that matter) the size of a wallet size picture. Have them glue or tape pictures of their friends behind the cutout shape and put them back into the cd covers. If they like they can glue decorations on the front of the cd case to brighten them up. Open them slightly and have them place in the desired locations of their room. Now they’ve combined music and friends and they have some new decorating accessories with staying power for their room.

If you don’t like holes in your walls from the posters your children like to hang up there is a simple solution to keep the multiple thumb tacks from entering your wall. Hang a cork bulletin board up on their wall and let them post their magazine posters on it. It gives them the space they need without the 10,000 holes in your wall or the mess you have to clean up after the tape looses its stickiness. Who knows they might even hang their schedule of chores on the board…Yeah Right!

What I’ve noticed about most kids is that they are very simple when it comes todecorating but they do have a vision of what they want. Sit down talk with them before you start and find out what you may be able to compromise or substitute for the items that may be too expensive. The message here is to look around your house and be creative when it comes to kids rooms. The process of just trying to find things that will work for your child’s room decor is part of the fun and can be very rewarding for you and your child when you’re done. Try and remember to keep it simple and get them involved to create not only a room with staying power, but a lasting memory that you and your child will never forget.

About the author:Chad Young is the President of and is an expert in the field of silk flower and plant arrangement. He has also written several home decorating articles that have been published throughout the internet.

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