Breaking the Mold -
Creative Boys' Bedrooms

by Michael Holland


Decorating boys bedrooms with licensed characters and themes is an easy but expensive option. While most children do have a preferred character or theme that they would enjoy having in their rooms, there are more affordable ways to achieve a similar desired result.

Without naming names or infringing upon any boys bedrooms copyrights or trademarks this budget-friendly collection of ideas can help you create an absolutely awesome children’s décor. It has been compiled especially to offer easy do-it-yourself, affordable decorating solutions for boys bedrooms ... with all of the neatest features in boys bedrooms that guys appreciate.

Basics in boys bedrooms ideas.

Most boys will easily embrace decorating ideas that are a little different or not mass-produced as long as they include similar colors and concepts. He’ll feel good about having something original and special that’s goes beyond the expected boys bedrooms ideas.This will encourage him to appreciate the idea of being an individual, different and unique from anyone else in the world.

Beyond-the-box ideas in boys bedrooms. (For the guy who loves things that creep and crawl.)

To adults, a bug is a bug is a bug, no further classification required. Boys know bugs like girls know shoes.Decorating boys bedrooms with insect-laden fabrics for curtains and other linens is a winner with most guys. If he has a favorite insect-character super hero, select colors that match the super hero’s outfit. You could even make a matching pair of pajamas for your child to wear. Be warned though, he’ll want to wear them all day long.Against a wall or in a corner in boys bedrooms, you can hang any inexpensive netted material in a basic cotton knit.This provides the perfect lofty perch for any cherished insect-type super hero character.

Out-of-this-world ideas in boys bedrooms. (For the guy who loves exploring far-away places.)

Whether your child dreams of soaring through space or diving in oceans, you can create an original décor that matches his dreams.Paint the walls blue for either of these themes in boys bedrooms you choose. Think medium blue as the starting point. For space themes, you’ll want to radiate towards darker shades. With aquatic themes, you’ll want to go towards the opposite end of the color spectrum and user lighter shades.

Use accents for boys bedrooms that begin with the letter "s" to add true dimension to either of these themes.

* Accents with an "S" for outer space ideas:o Starso Silvery-moonso Spaceships

* Accents with an "S" for aquatic ideas:o Seahorseso Seashellso Scuba-divers

Off-the-driven-path ideas in boys bedrooms. (For the guy who’s on the move, regardless of how he gets there.)

Since the invention of the automobile, no dearer sound has fallen on the ear of any boy than that of a finely-tuned engine. This is as true when a boy is six as it is when he’s sixteen, just from a different point of view.Bring the highway home in style with these boys bedrooms ideas fit for any future driver.Ride into the sunset by sweeping a paintbrush across a wall. Create center-lines using paint of a different color and you’ve got a winding road.

X marks the spot - if you can make an X you can paint a traffic intersection on a wall. Use wall putty to attach small toy vehicles of various kinds. You can even create an entire city street this way.

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