Natural Earth Clay Plaster Walls -
Non-toxic , Environmentally Friendly


You're looking for a special treatment for your walls, right? Clay plaster from American Clay Earth Plasters may be just what you want. Their clay plasters are 100% natural-made from clays, are easy to apply and need no special maintenance, can be painted or stained, absorb sound, and resist fading. And as if that weren't enough, the products are non-toxic and hypoallergenic AND they are non-flammable and mold and pest resistant. They come in dozens of standard colors or you can have them specially tinted, if you don't mind the extra tinting fee.

At 63 cents a square foot for one of the standard colors, this is not the least expensive option around, but it's definitely worth a look, especially if you are chemically sensitive. The plasters are a blend of pure clays and aggregates with coloring agents that come from natural, non-toxic oxides and ochre mineral pigments. The only other ingredient is a natural mineral anti-molding agent called borax, which many chemically sensitive folks tolerate well, although some do not. You may request that it not be included in your order, and you can request a small free sample packet of dry plaster product (with and without the mold inhibitor) to check for sensitivity.
If all this isn't enough to convince you to consider clay earth plaster, how about this? Clay naturally controls the interior climate by absorbing and releasing moisture in response to environmental changes. Walls are warm to the touch in winter and surprisingly cool in summer. With ugly heating/cooling bills a distinct probability now, this is an important point.

So, it's wonderful stuff, good for the environment and all, but how does it look? That's up to you. You can achieve a smooth Venetian plaster effect or something along the lines of a Tuscan villa. Anything from slick and glossy to heavily textured - elegant to rustic - it's your choice. You can apply this over drywall or wallpaper, on the ceiling, in the bathroom, or even as a plaster cover for the walls of a straw bale home. (Straw bale homes fascinate me, but that's another matter.)

This may not be for you, but it's certainly worth checking out. You can learn more at the American Natural Earth Clay Plaster website.

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