Can't paint, can't use nails - what do you do? Try Wallies.


Have you heard about Wallies? Ever been in one of those situations where you want to redo a room but, for whatever reason, you cannot paint the walls? And on top of that, you may not put nail holes into the walls, which further limits your decorating options. A problem, maybe, until now. This product is remarkably inexpensive, easy to apply, can be removed without leaving a mark, and coordinates with all sorts of decorating styles.

This decorating marvel consists of pre-pasted vinyl designs that come in the forms of cut-outs, borders or larger murals. Wet the back with a sponge or dip into water and just smooth your cutout onto the wall. They stick almost any place except slick plastic surfaces and they can be removed simply by wetting and peeling them off. They can even be re-used.

Perfect as they are for walls, Wallies also work great on furniture, picture frames, lampshades, bulletin boards, and on and on. Imagine how coordinated your room could look!

Have you ever wished for a window, but knocking a hole in the wall was just a bit too extreme? Now you can choose from 8 stick-on window designs. You can choose a seashore view, the look of Tuscan architecture, a mountain cabin, and more. Stick your Wallie-window where you want it and then just decorate the room as if it was a real window, curtains and all.

Designs for children, designs with themes from nature to nautical, realistic to fantasy, this product is definitely worth exploring. You can find them at Joann's or at, among many locations.

My daughter is doing a NASCAR-themed room for her son, so she was especially delighted to find Wallies with NASCAR designs. And like I said, you won't believe how inexpensive they are!

Wallies Olive Kids Ride 'm Cowboy

Wallies Olive Kids Ride 'm Cowboy

These vinyl-coated wallpaper cut-outs are a unique new way to decorate walls lamps and just about any smooth surface. Pre-pasted washable and strippable. Just wet the back and put up. Includes 25 assorted Olive Kids Ride'm Wallies.

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