Molded wall tiles -
unusual, beautiful, and more.


There's a unique new product on the market that you should know about. Molded wall tiles known as V2 are the creation of a company called Mio Culture.

If you are interested in ecologically friendly ideas, you'll appreciate that V2 is made of 100% post- and pre-consumer waste paper. If ease of installation is your concern, let me tell you that these 12" square tiles go up quickly, are light-weight, and need only a small nail in each corner to secure them to the wall (or ceiling). Are you looking for the unusual, something definitely not run-of-the-mill? You will certainly fall for this three-dimensional look, especially when you realize that you can create your own arrangement of pattern, you can paint to match or contrast with the rest of the room, and you can cover the entire wall or make sculptural panels, as you desire. V2's raised curved surfaces make for a very sensual effect- not bad for a bedroom, don't you think?

So what do we have here?

  • made from recycled materials

  • can itself be recycled

  • lightweight

  • easy to install and remove

  • can be painted or left the natural brown color

  • easy to customize your own arrangement

  • three-dimensional pattern (offers acoustic properties)

  • can cover part or all of the wall or ceiling

  • unusual and different look

And the cost? Just $28 for a box of 12 molded wall tiles. I think that's pretty good for such a versatile product.

You can get more information on these molded tiles at

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