Crown molding is the perfect finishing touch.


Crown molding is that perfect finishing touch to a beautiful room, isn't it? It caps the wall treatment that took so much time and thought, and makes the statement that "this room was decorated by someone who pays attention to the details." So why don't all rooms have it?

It's probably because traditional molding can be a pain to measure, cut and install. It's not exactly cheap, either, when you consider the cost of the material and the tools needed to do the job. Is there an answer?

Easy Crown Molding - this brand new product looks like the traditional thing, but it can be cut with household scissors, it comes pre-finished or you can paint it to co-ordinate with your room, and- best of all- it requires no special tools to install. Just peel and stick! How easy is that! And the cost is quite reasonable, especially considering the big decorating impact.

I like decorating projects that are easy, inexpensive and impressive, and this fits that description perfectly.

You can achieve a finished look for your room in other ways, too. I know someone who had a western/cowboy theme going, so he took rope and nailed it to the wall around the ceiling and on top of the baseboards at the floor. It really set off the room and it was pretty easy to do.

Don't forget wallpaper borders. You can even layer a couple of borders to get your own special design.

There are lots of ways to add interest, detail and a completing finish to your room. Pick one that suits your style and your budget and go for it!

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