Put some Mexican decor in your bedroom and satisfy your craving for color.

Do you crave color? Love spice? Maybe a Mexican decor bedroom is the design theme for you.

Get Some Spice In The Bedroom With A Mexican Decor Theme
by Lee Dobbins

Is your bedroom dull and bland? Why not spice it up with a bit of Mexican decor?

No matter how much money you have, you can get a great Mexican look in your bedroom with a few simple changes such as painting the walls and coordinating your bedding and pillows to reflect a Mexican theme. Some things to consider when redecorating include lighting fixtures, flooring, wall paint, accessories, window treatments and furniture.

Decorative accessories are key to pulling your Mexican decor theme together. One inexpensive way to transform your bedroom is to change out the accessories - just this one thing can dramatically alter the look of your room! Concentrate on getting bedding, pillows and artwork, that compliment your Mexican theme.

Be certain to incorporate plenty of old rustic pieces along with wrought iron pieces and you could even try some colorful hand painted wooden pieces to add some punch to your bedroom. Unique touches like vintage hand painted Mexican pottery can help add interest to the room as well as be fun to shop for.

One vital thing to consider when decorating your bedroom with a Mexican decor theme is what you put on the walls. For this design the room colors make a big difference - you should consider adding reds and bright blues either as wallpaper or paint. Try using a stucco on the walls, or maybe go with faux paint that resembles plaster. You don't have to get too fancy or spend a lot of money on this, but it can make a huge difference.

Window treatments can have a large effect on your Mexican home décor look. To acquire a fabulous look in your bedroom try using a simple valance or shutters or install a wood valance painted with distressed paint. There are many window coverings that can go with a Mexican theme but you should try to avoid anything that is too contemporary looking as well as formal heavy drapes.

It's not crucial that you coordinate your bed, bureaus, and side table but the bedroom should maintain a variety of bright colored or rustic pieces. To really enhance the Mexican theme, try furnishings with a painted distressed finish.

Lighting is key in any room and the bedroom is no exception. To enhance your Mexican inspired design, you will have to consider light fixtures in terms of both style and type. The majority of bedrooms need nightstand lamps as well as an overhead light. You might consider a tin chandelier with scrolly metal wall sconces or something in wrought iron.

What's on your floor can augment the design style, but if you can’t afford new flooring in your bedroom then just buy lots of area rugs with a Mexican design. If new floors are in your budget, try rustic hard wood floors and cover them in folky handpainted mats or woven Mexican area rugs.

When decorating your bedroom, don’t forget about wall art! You can make even the plainest walls look interesting with great wall art and decorative accessories. Try applying a hand painted mural or hang some vintage Mexico travel prints on your bedroom walls to really bring out the zing in your Mexican design theme.

Getting a great Mexican design in your bedroom can be as much or as little work as you want it to be. Smart shopping and paying attention to detail will help you design a wonderful new Mexican decor style that will have your friends and neighbors begging you to redecorate their homes!

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