A Perfect Wallpaper Choice for Renters.

Breathable, Easy to Apply and Remove.


Are you renting your home? Got someone else making decorating decisions like whether you can hang wallpaper or paint the walls something other than white? Are you interested in the environmental qualities of breathable wallpaper that's 100% vinyl-free? If so, read on, my friend.

There's a new product out that could have been made with renters in mind. The product is called Easy-Walls™ and it's from Chesapeake Wallcoverings Corporation. It comes prepasted so you just dunk it in water and smooth it on the wall, but the best part is when you decide for whatever reason to remove it. It strips off in full sheets which is quite impressive, especially if you've ever struggled with stubborn little stuck-on scraps of wallpaper that won't let go.

You don't have to do anything to prepare the wall, although clean is better than dirty. There's no vinyl at all, even in the adhesive, no shrinking at the seams, and it's washable. It's made from natural and synthetic fibers, according to the company's literature, and it's breathable, which means that there's less chance of mold or mildew forming behind the paper. With all the concern over mold in our homes today, that's an important point, in my opinion.

I like that it's easy to hang and that air bubbles aren't a big deal. But I really like the idea that I can remove it and start over without facing a major clean-up. That makes redecorating much easier, don't you know, and lots more fun. So we can redecorate as often as we and our budgets choose.

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